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(1° edizione 2011, con il titolo Le radici dell’erba)



Title: The title of this book is related to the ways of life of Bekwarra African ethnicity.

Genre: With this work, the author has created the new novel-essay -dossier - travel book genre.

Style: The style of this anthropological travel dossier novel is literary, clear and elegant.

Contents / message: Strade d'erba immortalizes in its pages the culture of the Bekwarra African minority, with faithful and incredible correspondence of realism, extraordinary wealth of details and in-depth knowledge of atavistic implications and of tentacles foreign to Africa. It is part of the endangered roots rescue mission.

PLOT MINI SUMMARY: Ebenyin is a six year old boy living with his father, mother, three brothers and two older sisters, in a village called Idoku, in the bekwarra chiefdom of the Ogoja district, in Cross River State of South Nigeria. He has a challenging name: Ebenyin Atabuchi, the love of God. He absorbs, with the magical traumatic implications of his tribe, also the ancient and healthy culture with which his people form young people, defend and care for the community and transmit religious and social rituals. The habits of life, nutrition, crops, celebrations, forest animals and the murder of baboons fascinate and impress the child, but some tribal events and his little sister’s disappearance mystery mark his psyche. The intense and lively narration drags the reader into Ebenyin’s unforgettable world, amidst atmospheres as unimaginable as the heartbeat he feels in front of the poignant beauty of the little iwali dancer. Countless and irreplaceable characters, twists and turns, limitless emotions, unspeakable knowledge and unpredictable and moving surprises crowd this book’s pages. Ebenyin's story is Africa's story: if Ebenyin shall be safe, so shall the Bekwarra ethnicity and whole Africa... Shall this novel-dossier-book’s shocking revelations, both unknown and harbingers of breathtaking emotions, trigger hope?

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