"Learn from those who have accomplished simple and true gestures such as the imprints of the values that over time have handed down the deeds through all the heroic eras of those who preceded and connected human beings forever to their roots"


S.O.S. ROOTS is a small literary universe, which offers its own exclusive compelling fiction to anyone who cares about the survival of mankind:

a) booksellers and readers who see time as a capital to manage and reading as a source of wealth to invest;

b) editors and directors committed to recovering the roots of people from oblivion and mending the gash that interrupted the transmission of knowledge from past to future generations.

Overwhelmed by technological globalization, the populations of the earth have set aside the old generations, failing to pass the paths of ancient wisdom to the new generations who, today, catapulted into planet earth’s and human history’s most crucial point, are like trees without roots facing a hurricane of devastating force and of unpredictable outcomes. Humanity needs to avoid extinction and do it quickly. Confused and disoriented, seeks safe points of reference, on which to calibrate the direction of future steps: they can only be found in the past. As he who gets lost retraces his steps up to the place from which he started, to understand which direction to go, mankind must look to the roots and rediscover human identity, to still have a future. He who is aware of this cannot but feel overwhelmed by a sense of helplessness and tell himself that a single individual cannot change anything. A phrase by Gandhi, however, says the exact opposite: “Be the change you want to see in the world”. It is the reason why S.O.S. ROOTS was born; it’s like a punch in the chest, it stuns and leads to the question: “How can I be such a change?” The single disoriented little individual’s answer can be: “The nothing and a little I am is less than a grain of sand, in the great universe, but … nothing prevents the crumb of a grain I am from contributing proportionately to its crumb size “. Pope John XXIII used to say, in fact: “Do the little you can and leave the rest to God”. The Divine Immanent All Love, of which every creature and the entire creation are a part, will know what use to make of the “nothing and a little” the individual can give. He will also know what to do with the nothing and a little S.O.S. ROOTS saves by picking up from oblivion the lost identities coming across its steps and promoting a new fiction generation, as a safe for those who are the forgotten roots of current and future generations. And precisely these generations have the inalienable need to know this: they descend from those who tamed the inviolate secrets of life and death with calluses and sweat, with the constant straightness of coherent steps and with the indomitable beating of their faithful heart loyal to the seasons and the returning tides. The objectives of S.O.S. ROOTS are but the echo of a real planetary emergency. The gap between the interruption of knowledge’s passage to new generations and this era has pushed beyond the guard levels, so that, when this consumer civilization WILL crash and the new generations will have to start from scratch, like the ancestors, the not handed down knowledge will be the worst tragedy. It is necessary that we all commit ourselves as industrious bees in passing on the past knowledge, while we’re still on time. We must urgently teach the new generations how to survive the absence (hopefully only eventual) of smart phones, fun, electric power and sweets, delicacies, luxuries, comforts and food at will “due”, taken for granted and materialized as if by magic. It is in fact urgent to let young people and children know how their great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents used to live and what “tracks” used to guide their material and spiritual life.

PS- ** / It must also be said that the new media civilization and the new world situation have eroded the number of book readers and determined, among them, the birth of a new category: the one of those who are desperate for lost values and identities. Those readers are the target of S.O.S. ROOTS books.



S.O.S. ROOTS collects the lost identities it manages to save from oblivion in a root coffer-like new genre of fiction. It does so because the new generations have the inalienable right to know this: they descend from those who tamed the inviolate secrets of life and death with calluses and sweat, with the constant straightness of coherent steps and with the indomitable beating of their heart faithful and loyal to the returning seasons and tides. Finding and preserving the roots is a prelude to the survival of mankind. Mending the gash that interrupted the transmission of knowledge from past to future generations is urgent, because the new generations are, today, in the most crucial era of human history, like rootless trees in the most devastating hurricane of creation. Humanity must rediscover its identity and use it to calibrate the direction of future steps, because those who get lost and do not return to the place they started from, to understand which direction to go, end up crashing into the ravines. SOS ROOTS saves the small slice of human identity it comes across and invites the world to do the same, so that when (and if) the consumer civilization crashes and the new generations will have to start from scratch, like the ancestors, the knowledge not handed down may not be the worst tragedy. –




The human beings of the new era no longer know how to prevent the past, which contains their roots, from disappearing in the frenetic rush of the technological era (first mercilessly leveling and then also inhuman and dehumanizing) and from getting lost in the crazy dances of socio-environmental metamorphosis and of identity manipulations. paradoxes and conflicts, which see mankind still oppressed by the lack of equality and peace, are flanked by dark threats that attack the very essence of the adjective “human”, in overlapping and chasing each other without ceasing progress unstoppable and anti-human forces linked to the soulless implications of the financial world. All this is the cause and, at the same time, consequence of the following: populations, committed to daily survival, forget to respond to the unconscious need for roots and the need to ask themselves where they are going and even neglect to secure the moral and historical heritage which rightfully belongs to future generations. belongs to

future generations





and sets the following OB:

-. to prevent anthropological identities from being lost in the hasty overlapping of different cultures and, above all, to prevent false media cultures from completely erasing human original roots and from using technology and the total revolution of territorial and political world logic and competences as a pick to unhinge the cultures to which the world populations belong, distort them, empty them of their peculiarities and kill their “human” essence;

-. to tell, write, record, pass on, to the new generations, past cultures, traditions and values, which are the roots of human present and future tree;

-. To transform the comparison between old and new into a preparatory confrontation for fruitful reviews of a future in which there is no clash between different cultures but an enriching encounter, mutually respectful of generational logics and identities; -. To remind populations that by passing on the past man can hope for the future and that by recognizing himself in his own roots he can find the strength of wise aspirations and conscious hope.




Grateful for every single day we receive from the Divine Immanent All Love, who All and everything is and includes, we believe the following:

1) human beings need to regain the past, pass it on and look to it, in order to learn from mistakes and wisdom whose paths have already revealed their full potential of Good and evil;

2) “earthlings” can no longer play for time, it is high time for them to choose between what used to make them rich and their survival;

3) since he who goes astray retraces his steps to the place where he started, it has become essential to save the roots and identities from oblivion;

4) though we at S.O.S. ROOTS know we are no more than grains of sand in the universe, we choose to save anyway from oblivion the tiny crumb of identity and of human wisdom contained in the historical cutout of characters and places from which we descend or of those whose vital skies have been or will be part of our earthly wandering maps;

5) the supervened media civilization and the worldwide new situation have eroded the number of readers and determined the birth of a new generation of them, in desperate search of lost values and identities: that’s the target of S.O.S. ROOTS books.

S.O.S. ROOTS, in fact, proposes compelling storytelling, committed to saving human roots from total extinction, to those publishers and film directors who care about human identities and fear their total extinction, because only remembering where he comes from and who he was man can understand who he is and wisely plan who he wants to be in the future and where he wants to direct his steps.