S.O.S. World IDENTITIES series

Let’s prevent oblivion from erasing human identities. Let's research and safeguard them in compelling stories and propose them to those who need to know that there is no future without a past)

This series, which contains the roots of people "from other shores", is dedicated to readers worried about the rift that has interrupted the transmission of knowledge from past generations to future ones and to all those who want to help mend it (and especially to editors and directors). We are experiencing the trigger of a future in which those who will be able to foresee the spurs of the sharp cliffs, ready to rise on the path of every awakening, will find themselves at an advantage over those who will passively wait for them to arrive and will hope that they shall dissolve by themselves (very unlikely, from now on). It will happen more and more often that "Muhammad cannot go to the mountain" and that a way must be found to bring the mountain to Muhammad. Those who work with art and for art, however, are spirits who do not allow themselves to be homologated or trapped (not even in virtual networks). They use every bit of granted freedom. They go as far as they can reach. They meet whoever it is possible to meet. They raise the seeds of freedom, multiply them and… follow Langston Hughes' advice: "Hold on to dreams". The artists are the priests and vestals of art, which is the sowing of hope and the spark of rebirth.

Art is multifaceted.
Art is like air.
Art has wide and strong wings.
Art is the vexillum of freedom.
Art flies on top of humanity flags and is the indispensable banner of human roots, the pulsating soul of past lives.

which is the home of art, must become aware of emptiness
hanging over earth peoples’ global identity legacy
and on their very survival.

The world is an adrift ship, needs guiding lights preventing it from sinking. As a result, publishing has reached a crossroads that will require it to verify its targets and, probably, to return to its origins, to the roots, to its founding fathers’ identity. This shall lead (not without dramatic contrasts) to the company policy’s complete capsizing, causing a real earthquake from which more minor publishers than major ones shall probably re-emerge and, in any case, with other guidelines and other values. SOS. ROOTS is an invitation and exhortation to become precursors of the future and to face the threats of transhumanism by remembering one's roots, learning from the past and never neglecting to conform one’s own daily gestures to a fair, serene and respectful of peace times’ tradition routine. Certainly true: it will have to make brave choices and several reversals, also because the emerging media civilization has eroded the populations’ range of readers (now satisfied by social networks’ raging) and the crisis of values, which grips the world with the impending uncertainty that derives from it, have determined, among the social groups still interested in books, the birth of a new generation of readers, the one that in books is looking for the lost values and identities crying out in the individual and collective subconscious. Publishing will have to deal with this new reality, will need to return to a literature contributing to the nurseries of the lighthouses humanity needs for the continuation of the species.

“Perpetuating peacetime habits, even and especially when one is in suspense over an abyss' sharp blade, is the key to the main door from which to access the true heart of peace. "

(G. Ferrara beyond time)


wind rose life

Languages: English / Italian



TITLE'S HISTORY: A sudden tragedy overwhelms Sonia and compels her to dive into the secrets of a mysterious and unknown both geographical and human world and to live as many lives as are the coordinates of the wind rose...
GENRE: This book is inspired by a true story. It is a thriller, complete with real socio-geographical documentation, and a travel-fiction book endearing and breathtaking from start to finish.
STYLE: Refined, emotional and lyrical.
CONTENT / MESSAGE: Inspired by a real event, this book totally invents the plot and the characteristics of the characters and of international Africa bloodied and desecrated by inhuman intrigues, but describes also the real enchanted Africa with its starry skies, indescribable magic and unsuspected human riches. Through breathtaking action and intricate mysteries, all the events seem to cry out the need for life’s purpose and alchemy.

PLOT MINI SUMMARY: The binding action of this unique and rare novel–dossier immortalizes various world countries’ dying realities, on the unstoppable trail of a female character who turns the world upside-down in the name of love. Has three children and is already a grandmother, the forty-niner blue eyed Sonia. She and her Marino, who works in Africa, share everything and even a foreboding. An unimaginable tragedy deranges their lives. After dark months with no gleam whatsoever, Sonia plunges into a journey which sucks her in a vortex of ominous adventures, “coincidences”, mortal intrigues and plots, through various States. She survives also thanks to her knowledge of incredible populations’ customs and traditions and glimpses some flickers of a gigantic intrigue, while her casual humble guardian angels perish and she herself narrowly avoids being beheaded. Escaping many a lethal danger and even the ambush of a harem, she goes back home thinking that nothing worse may happen anymore. She’s wrong! Shall the Machiavellian desperate intelligence game she resorts to, when she can see no way out, save her and her children? Breathtaking coup de theatre, emotion and wonder transport the reader among discoveries and mysteries never revealed before. Windrose life is the epic story of a brave, sensitive and intelligent woman who challenges unnamable dangers for the man who is the hinge of her life. It’s for the sake of love that Sonia is about to perish along with those she loves. With language purity and refined, emotional and lyric style, the fearful realities of bloodied and desecrated latitudes, the enchanted desert and the starred skies inhabit this book along with the mysteries of human soul and the echo of the listening universe. Last but not least, the legacy of this work is an incumbent question: can a woman resurrect from her own ruins and live as many lives as are the coordinates of the wind rose?

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TITLE: The title of this novel prescinds from its geographical and human setting and becomes coffer to its contents’ raison d'etre, or rather to the cry of innocence, as shiny and beautiful as a white swallow.
GENRE: The glow of the white swallow is a travel-novel book inhabited by poetical lyricism.
STYLE: The linguistic architecture of this little book is smooth, supple, elegant and elegiac. Its graphic design uses three types of fonts, as are its identity veins: the narrator’s diary inner song and cry, the novel, and the novel within the novel, which all travel on dreamlike rails.
CONTENTS / MESSAGE: The architecture of this "pocket-sized" work rests its foundations on the fascinating and unknown African “elsewhere” (already different from the distant times’ one, in which warriors as numerous as the stars of the sky guarded atavistic secrets), the faraway “elsewhere” (of the distant families) and the parallel “elsewhere” (the one the white man contrives, in Africa, and in which he moves as an alter ego half white, half black and half in a color poised between human and sub-animal species).
PLOT MINI SUMMARY: The characters move, in a physical and human geography, with unimaginable and unknown implications, between tight events, immeasurable risks and heartbreaking sensations. Virgilia lives in Africa with her beloved Giulio. She starts dreaming, in episodes, about the predicament of Yanet, a very young white girl, while, horrified by the nefarious behavior of some white men, she goes to great lengths in order to help and save ‘Ndoto, a very young black girl about to give birth to a son who shall sentence her to death. Seeking to save her and always dreaming Yanet’s thriller, Virgilia delves into the unspeakable secrets of tribal laws and of tangled intrigues woven by a shaman, the mchawi, whose wickedness borders on unsuspected depths. She discovers incredible and frightening things, but also the sure clarity of true wisdom and the unimaginable horrors of which wickedness and ignorance are capable. The unpredictable and terrible events unleashed by the evil mchawi make Virgilia fall into a death trap. Between the expectations of the serial dream and the unstoppable anxiety of tribal rituals, the readers are drawn into the double mystery of Yanet and 'Ndoto, waiting for the final puzzle to recompose. Shall Virgilia survive the death trap she falls into? Shall she unveil ‘Ndoto’s mistery and the dream girl’s secret? Pages of pure literature are those that imbue with lyricism the adventures of the characters and above all of the woman who, letting herself be inhabited by the world, crosses light and darkness, harmony and its lacerations and lets them decant in her soul together with the innocence’s essence of which the winged "white swallow" becomes a symbol.

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Language: Italian



TITLE'S: The title contains the essence and meaning of this full-bodied and challenging literary work, in which the author fulfills the search for values faithful to the light and comes across the opposite of them and of whatever goes towards the "confinement "of dreams.

GENRE: It’s a literary-travel genre the one coined by the author for this book disentangling itself between the physical, political and human geography of countless world latitudes and the behavioral, psychic and spiritual "geography" of the narrated characters.

STYLE: The style of this travel diary novel is enriched by the cut of a literary dossier embellished with deep anthropological knowledge and inhabited by the unstoppable rhythm of the word that dances between elegance and beauty to the music of the heart and of poetry.

CONTENTS / MESSAGE: It is a singular diary in each of its lines, which contain real unexpected and unpredictable scoops of riches and miseries, of human and geographical secrets and mysteries and of anthropological treasures already disappeared or in danger of extinction. It is a work in which the journey through various geographical coordinates passes through the bruises of the heart continually stunned by the pain of the double face of events and characters and by the symbolic silent jingle of Judas' thirty coins. It is a continuous struggle between the lacerations caused by what hurts the coherence and beauty of human flow and of places and the great, true, invincible and immortal Love, which paws-struggles in the narrow spaces and pains, until it explodes, free , and finally flees from human shackles.

PLOT MINI SUMMARY: The protagonist reaches faraway places, extraordinary dimensions, other cultures and inexhaustible riches of knowledge. However, she pays dearly for each of the treasures her spirit collects, passing through the sharp barriers of the painful catharsis that separates her from inner serenity and trust in human race, first of all, and, ultimately, in her generous, gallant, kind spouse, sensitive and loved by all, as the limitless number of serial traitors of loyalty and love she observed in her wanderings around the world, infected her heart, making her hesitant, suspicious, disheartened, insecure and aching. Through the cutting blades of geographic, ethnological, anthropological, intimistic and painfully human research, the protagonist finally reaches for a free horizon (even wider than the mesmerizing amphitheater-like African replicating horizons) where the veils of those aching secrets she's chased breathlessly all life, vanish and allow her to see mysterious truths that have always been ignored. Joy and pain merge with the farewells fragmented in the laughter of children and in the hovels teeming with bells and with African pastures which forever sing their sweet Kiswahili farewell: "Mimi ninasikitika-I am sad”, to which her heart returns its mute “Ninasikitika mimi pia –I'm sad too”. The theater of action of this novel - diary is the world, with all the surprising wonders, glories and squalors characterizing its infinite latitudes and with all their human identities, which have remained unchanged only in the pages of this book…
A woman and a man make a journey, which takes place geographically and with perfect documentable identification. The research and the catharsis of the various narrative occasions have no limitations of time or distance. It is the thread of memory and the assonance of similitudes that create the conceptual meaning. This is a historical time in which Earthlings have heard and seen more than once this sentence: “Nothing ever shall be like before any more.” This book IS A JOURNEY IN “THAT”NO MORE AVAILABLE “BEFORE”.

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sou figsr

Languages: Italian




TITLE: It is secret and mysterious Africa that creates the conditions in which the protagonist finds, in her European childhood, the memory that leads back to the distant anamnesis of the title of this book original and different either in "ingredients" and in structural " identity" .
GENRE: The narration of fictionalized lives is the scaffolding on which the abundant wealth of the still unpublished and unknown maps of Africa is grafted and from which the connotation of travel fiction derives.
STYLE: The elegiac style, not detached from an ever lurking epos, is suitable for audiences who love history and adventure in distant lands and who do not disdain the dream of a life lived for something worth more than life itself.
CONTENTS / MESSAGE: Real talismans, absolutely unknown and capable of changing life and secrets, which tribal Africa used to defend with warriors as numerous as sky stars, nestle in these pages. This book follows a narrative law of its own, among the not very edifying details of foreigners’ white Africa, the identities of tribal villages’ black and wise Africa, unknown to the world, and the aberrations of a metropolitan Africa distorted by a jumble of abjection, inhuman practices and deadly ramifications of the cyclopean globalizations of all the worst in the world. The contemporary and future human geography of this unconventional story, probing the mysteries of human soul, descends between miseries and horrors and re-emerges enriched by love for love and harmony that derives from it.
PLOT MINI SUMMARY: Ginevra is a career white woman. She lives where she works, in the Nigerian Kaduna State, with her daughter Arianna, rather than in her other house, in the FCT State of Abuja. Going there, in a very special day, she discovers a secret that traumatizes her. She discards that memory from her mind and heart and concentrates on her daughter, while fighting to reconcile her white Africa of the company’s executives and her black Africa of the employees she protects and of a corruption eating the whole national system to the bone. Ginevra disregards the rumors of certain local horrors whenever she gets hints of them. It is Cornelius, the Nigerian steward, the wise presence who acts as a father to Ginevra and a grandfather to her daughter Arianna. A long stay, in the middle of the bush, in Cornelius’village, reveals to both mother and daughter a secret Africa from which they return frightened, enriched and with a wiser vision of life. A phone call upsets their apparent serenity and leads Ginevra to come to terms with her secret, to discover a second secret and to fall into one of the chilling traps linked to the horrors she had never though true. Just when it seems like she has no escape, she makes a discovery that will protect her forever. Something she sees triggers a no return catharsis. This story takes place between real Africa and the future Africa which should overcome old and new limits in defense of innocence and life. A tension never without elegy is the monument on which the "white Nigerian" writes the surprise end of her life and of this anything but obvious story. This original book provides full-bodied geographical and social reports, unveils mysterious and shocking unpublished dossiers, which have nothing to do with noir, presents the reader with riches of wise anaphorisms at every chapter’s opening and reveals survival talisman words.

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Languages: Italian




(1° edizione 2011, con il titolo Le radici dell’erba)



Title: The title of this book is related to the ways of life of Bekwarra African ethnicity.

Genre: With this work, the author has created the new novel-essay -dossier - travel book genre.

Style: The style of this anthropological travel dossier novel is literary, clear and elegant.

Contents / message: Strade d'erba immortalizes in its pages the culture of the Bekwarra African minority, with faithful and incredible correspondence of realism, extraordinary wealth of details and in-depth knowledge of atavistic implications and of tentacles foreign to Africa. It is part of the endangered roots rescue mission.

PLOT MINI SUMMARY: Ebenyin is a six year old boy living with his father, mother, three brothers and two older sisters, in a village called Idoku, in the bekwarra chiefdom of the Ogoja district, in Cross River State of South Nigeria. He has a challenging name: Ebenyin Atabuchi, the love of God. He absorbs, with the magical traumatic implications of his tribe, also the ancient and healthy culture with which his people form young people, defend and care for the community and transmit religious and social rituals. The habits of life, nutrition, crops, celebrations, forest animals and the murder of baboons fascinate and impress the child, but some tribal events and his little sister’s disappearance mystery mark his psyche. The intense and lively narration drags the reader into Ebenyin’s unforgettable world, amidst atmospheres as unimaginable as the heartbeat he feels in front of the poignant beauty of the little iwali dancer. Countless and irreplaceable characters, twists and turns, limitless emotions, unspeakable knowledge and unpredictable and moving surprises crowd this book’s pages. Ebenyin's story is Africa's story: if Ebenyin shall be safe, so shall the Bekwarra ethnicity and whole Africa... Shall this novel-dossier-book’s shocking revelations, both unknown and harbingers of breathtaking emotions, trigger hope?

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