(published, with title “Il destino ti abita in 2007 by Eurapress&Todariana)

(the messapian population’s saga)
(Priam’s heirs)


This second volume of the saga originates from the Troy of myth and develops on the protohistoric traces provided by archeology and by the “seeds of the wind” that pollinate the millenary linguistic overlaps. It tells of Messapian people’s epic, of the foundation of Egea (future Siris), of the dichotomy of Messapians and of the journey of half of it to the Sarmentum valley that will see the birth of the Messapian Sarmentan lineage. Love, however, is the impalpable yet almost tangible protagonist, epic love, unstoppable like hurricanes and capable of overwhelming the lives of adults, the love between Cheones and Eliade, the creature of legendary beauty whose spell is impossible to escape. Tragedy, the flicker of war clamor and valor are the Homeric narrative frame that runs on the progress of action in the outer world as in the breathtaking one of the dark inner depths and in the merciless war between the infidelities of instinct and the fidelity of heart so abysmal as to become lethal. The unknown, mysterious and unique situations, places, rituals and events of the Messapian-Sarmentan people fill the pages of this section, but, once again, it is love that towers over winners and losers like a heroic catastrophe, on the torrential roar of the great river, on the valley that recalls another distant valley and on the dark night quilted with dancing little lights at which little Aegea claps her hands with joy. The reader’s anxiety is irrepressible, for uncertain were the fates of even the great at the time when the gods could grab at random the thoughts of humans and turn the most nefarious ones into facts; therefore, as they scroll through the pages, they cannot help but ask themselves many questions. What visible and invisible dangers threaten the beautiful Eliade? What spells gather inside and outside of Cheones? What arcane forces are plotting against the royal couple? What will happen on a specific fateful moonlit night?

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