Language: Italian



TITLE'S: The title contains the essence and meaning of this full-bodied and challenging literary work, in which the author fulfills the search for values faithful to the light and comes across the opposite of them and of whatever goes towards the "confinement "of dreams.

GENRE: It’s a literary-travel genre the one coined by the author for this book disentangling itself between the physical, political and human geography of countless world latitudes and the behavioral, psychic and spiritual "geography" of the narrated characters.

STYLE: The style of this travel diary novel is enriched by the cut of a literary dossier embellished with deep anthropological knowledge and inhabited by the unstoppable rhythm of the word that dances between elegance and beauty to the music of the heart and of poetry.

CONTENTS / MESSAGE: It is a singular diary in each of its lines, which contain real unexpected and unpredictable scoops of riches and miseries, of human and geographical secrets and mysteries and of anthropological treasures already disappeared or in danger of extinction. It is a work in which the journey through various geographical coordinates passes through the bruises of the heart continually stunned by the pain of the double face of events and characters and by the symbolic silent jingle of Judas' thirty coins. It is a continuous struggle between the lacerations caused by what hurts the coherence and beauty of human flow and of places and the great, true, invincible and immortal Love, which paws-struggles in the narrow spaces and pains, until it explodes, free , and finally flees from human shackles.

PLOT MINI SUMMARY: The protagonist reaches faraway places, extraordinary dimensions, other cultures and inexhaustible riches of knowledge. However, she pays dearly for each of the treasures her spirit collects, passing through the sharp barriers of the painful catharsis that separates her from inner serenity and trust in human race, first of all, and, ultimately, in her generous, gallant, kind spouse, sensitive and loved by all, as the limitless number of serial traitors of loyalty and love she observed in her wanderings around the world, infected her heart, making her hesitant, suspicious, disheartened, insecure and aching. Through the cutting blades of geographic, ethnological, anthropological, intimistic and painfully human research, the protagonist finally reaches for a free horizon (even wider than the mesmerizing amphitheater-like African replicating horizons) where the veils of those aching secrets she's chased breathlessly all life, vanish and allow her to see mysterious truths that have always been ignored. Joy and pain merge with the farewells fragmented in the laughter of children and in the hovels teeming with bells and with African pastures which forever sing their sweet Kiswahili farewell: "Mimi ninasikitika-I am sad”, to which her heart returns its mute “Ninasikitika mimi pia –I'm sad too”. The theater of action of this novel - diary is the world, with all the surprising wonders, glories and squalors characterizing its infinite latitudes and with all their human identities, which have remained unchanged only in the pages of this book…
A woman and a man make a journey, which takes place geographically and with perfect documentable identification. The research and the catharsis of the various narrative occasions have no limitations of time or distance. It is the thread of memory and the assonance of similitudes that create the conceptual meaning. This is a historical time in which Earthlings have heard and seen more than once this sentence: “Nothing ever shall be like before any more.” This book IS A JOURNEY IN “THAT”NO MORE AVAILABLE “BEFORE”.

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