sou figsr

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TITLE: It is secret and mysterious Africa that creates the conditions in which the protagonist finds, in her European childhood, the memory that leads back to the distant anamnesis of the title of this book original and different either in "ingredients" and in structural " identity" .
GENRE: The narration of fictionalized lives is the scaffolding on which the abundant wealth of the still unpublished and unknown maps of Africa is grafted and from which the connotation of travel fiction derives.
STYLE: The elegiac style, not detached from an ever lurking epos, is suitable for audiences who love history and adventure in distant lands and who do not disdain the dream of a life lived for something worth more than life itself.
CONTENTS / MESSAGE: Real talismans, absolutely unknown and capable of changing life and secrets, which tribal Africa used to defend with warriors as numerous as sky stars, nestle in these pages. This book follows a narrative law of its own, among the not very edifying details of foreigners’ white Africa, the identities of tribal villages’ black and wise Africa, unknown to the world, and the aberrations of a metropolitan Africa distorted by a jumble of abjection, inhuman practices and deadly ramifications of the cyclopean globalizations of all the worst in the world. The contemporary and future human geography of this unconventional story, probing the mysteries of human soul, descends between miseries and horrors and re-emerges enriched by love for love and harmony that derives from it.
PLOT MINI SUMMARY: Ginevra is a career white woman. She lives where she works, in the Nigerian Kaduna State, with her daughter Arianna, rather than in her other house, in the FCT State of Abuja. Going there, in a very special day, she discovers a secret that traumatizes her. She discards that memory from her mind and heart and concentrates on her daughter, while fighting to reconcile her white Africa of the company’s executives and her black Africa of the employees she protects and of a corruption eating the whole national system to the bone. Ginevra disregards the rumors of certain local horrors whenever she gets hints of them. It is Cornelius, the Nigerian steward, the wise presence who acts as a father to Ginevra and a grandfather to her daughter Arianna. A long stay, in the middle of the bush, in Cornelius’village, reveals to both mother and daughter a secret Africa from which they return frightened, enriched and with a wiser vision of life. A phone call upsets their apparent serenity and leads Ginevra to come to terms with her secret, to discover a second secret and to fall into one of the chilling traps linked to the horrors she had never though true. Just when it seems like she has no escape, she makes a discovery that will protect her forever. Something she sees triggers a no return catharsis. This story takes place between real Africa and the future Africa which should overcome old and new limits in defense of innocence and life. A tension never without elegy is the monument on which the "white Nigerian" writes the surprise end of her life and of this anything but obvious story. This original book provides full-bodied geographical and social reports, unveils mysterious and shocking unpublished dossiers, which have nothing to do with noir, presents the reader with riches of wise anaphorisms at every chapter’s opening and reveals survival talisman words.

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