FIRST EDITION TITLED  Nassiriya Grandmother ( 2005- Eurapress&Todariana )



Title: The title of this small book with a cinematographic vocation contains the synthesis of its literary “identity” and its contents.

Genre: This short work arises from the uninterrupted drive of the urgent and tidal narrative typical of the instant book, but contains

passes through which the reader accesses the oases of ancient knowledge and its paths tuned to atmospheric precipitation, climate, seasons and the autogenous breath of sovereign nature.

Style: The intense and almost dreamlike style in his lyricism flows like a river in flood between the banks of the real novel and those of the story in the story that is its moving heart

Contents / message: The contents start from the massacre of the Italian soldiers stationed in Iraq in 2003, run through the memories barricaded in the ancient memory of the protagonist and lead to an epilogue in harmony with the infinite and with eternal harmony. Everything hinges on a unique character, who acts as a database of the now vanished world in which the essential values of life inhabited simple souls in perfect harmony with nature. The resulting messages have as many levels of reading as the reader’s sensitivity can contain.

It is true that this story recalls a collective Italian drama, linked, alas, to infinite other world dramas, and which describes feelings that everyone is able to recall from the unconscious, where, surely, they have deposited and settled more or less unconsciously . However, it is also true that the massacre of the Italian military is only the triggering cause, from which the novel was born, and the painful frame within which the narrative tension develops the literary design of its unforgettable content.

The narrative of this one-of-a-kind story glides gradually and smoothly to an epilogue beyond history, where the banners of darkness fade and vanish in the light of hope.

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