Let's remember who we were to know who we are and understand who we will be

The rootless tree dies. Humanity, in order not to end up in the same way, must remember who they were, to know who they are and understand where they're headed.
S.O.S. ROOTS save's people's identities from oblivion, to restore the transmission of knowledge and prevent the new generations from perishing just like pitilessly uprooted plants.

We are a small literary entity dedicated to the research and collection of extinct and dying human identities. We founded S.O.S. ROOTS because we believe that the transmission of knowledge from generation to generation is a sine qua non for the continuation of the species. We self-publish the works that represent for human history what the extraction of archaeological artifacts from the earth represents for archeology, since they contain the roots of peoples or ethnic minorities that cannot be found elsewhere. They are books of literary fiction that set the intense and unique stories that they tell in the historical, geographical and social reality of reference and enclose them in a literary narrative attentive to the language (included among the values to be saved). We choose to propose a return to editorial criteria compatible with those of the ancient publishers, seekers and advocates of values that have disappeared.