wind rose life

Languages: English / Italian



TITLE'S HISTORY: A sudden tragedy overwhelms Sonia and compels her to dive into the secrets of a mysterious and unknown both geographical and human world and to live as many lives as are the coordinates of the wind rose...
GENRE: This book is inspired by a true story. It is a thriller, complete with real socio-geographical documentation, and a travel-fiction book endearing and breathtaking from start to finish.
STYLE: Refined, emotional and lyrical.
CONTENT / MESSAGE: Inspired by a real event, this book totally invents the plot and the characteristics of the characters and of international Africa bloodied and desecrated by inhuman intrigues, but describes also the real enchanted Africa with its starry skies, indescribable magic and unsuspected human riches. Through breathtaking action and intricate mysteries, all the events seem to cry out the need for life’s purpose and alchemy.

PLOT MINI SUMMARY: The binding action of this unique and rare novel–dossier immortalizes various world countries’ dying realities, on the unstoppable trail of a female character who turns the world upside-down in the name of love. Has three children and is already a grandmother, the forty-niner blue eyed Sonia. She and her Marino, who works in Africa, share everything and even a foreboding. An unimaginable tragedy deranges their lives. After dark months with no gleam whatsoever, Sonia plunges into a journey which sucks her in a vortex of ominous adventures, “coincidences”, mortal intrigues and plots, through various States. She survives also thanks to her knowledge of incredible populations’ customs and traditions and glimpses some flickers of a gigantic intrigue, while her casual humble guardian angels perish and she herself narrowly avoids being beheaded. Escaping many a lethal danger and even the ambush of a harem, she goes back home thinking that nothing worse may happen anymore. She’s wrong! Shall the Machiavellian desperate intelligence game she resorts to, when she can see no way out, save her and her children? Breathtaking coup de theatre, emotion and wonder transport the reader among discoveries and mysteries never revealed before. Windrose life is the epic story of a brave, sensitive and intelligent woman who challenges unnamable dangers for the man who is the hinge of her life. It’s for the sake of love that Sonia is about to perish along with those she loves. With language purity and refined, emotional and lyric style, the fearful realities of bloodied and desecrated latitudes, the enchanted desert and the starred skies inhabit this book along with the mysteries of human soul and the echo of the listening universe. Last but not least, the legacy of this work is an incumbent question: can a woman resurrect from her own ruins and live as many lives as are the coordinates of the wind rose?

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